Thursday, April 7, 2011

why our schools are to blame

I got a call from my daughter's school complaining that there were hurt feelings when not everyone got a birthday party invite. I told them I refused to force my kid to be friends with people who are mean to her. I thought about and realized that this "everyone is special" bull$h!t is what's wrong with America. The snotty girl can treat others like crap all year and still go to all the parties. The C-student gets the same gold star as the A-student. The fat kid is told they are perfect and pretty just the way they are. Fast forward to when they're 30... the mean girl has been divorced twice. The C-student wonders why he's been passed over for a promotion for the fifth time in a row. The fat kid is now diabetic and has arthritis in her knees. Our country can't compete globally because our schools are afraid competition will make kids feel bad about themselves. Oh, boo hoo.
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