Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is it November YET?

OK...I try really hard not to answer the question "Who are you voting for?" for three reasons:
1. It's none of anyone's fucking business.
2. The correct question is "For whom are you voting?"
3. This year, I honestly don't know.

I strongly believe that voting is not only a right, but also a responsibility. If those of us who are reasonable, moderate people willing to consider all sides of an issue don't vote, then the nation's future is left up to the wing-nuts.  With so many idiots running for office, leaving the voting to idiots doesn't seem wise.
However, I don't feel that I can, in good conscience, vote for either presidential candidate this time around. Romney would set civil rights back 50 years: women's rights and the LGBT community would suffer under his administration. He's too quick to cater to the tea-partiers. And he proved that he is a selfish twit when he immediately attacked the current administration before expressing genuine sympathy for the loss of American life at the embassy in Libya. On the other hand, Obama seems to be trying for less restriction on welfare rather than more: I feel almost ill at the sight of a woman pulling her food stamps out of a designer bag and typing on her smartphone with her acrylic nails while I'm feeling guilty about buying the lean ground beef instead of the cheap stuff even though I work three jobs. The Obama presidency has also left a lot to be desired when it comes to supporting and respecting military personnel. I just don't see a clear choice when the issues I care about most don't fit into either platform.
There is one thing I am certain about, however. This is the point I really want to make:
Whichever way I decide to vote, my choice will be based on issues and job performance.  I am truly appalled at the right-wing blowhards who insist that Romney is better for "Christian America" because Obama is a Muslim.  First and foremost...a candidate's religion should NEVER be considered because of a little thing called separation of church and state. Secondly, I was under the impression that the Obama family attends a Christian church (Christ Church in Chicago and a Baptist church in DC) while Romney is a Mormon. IF one was to take a candidate's religion into account, wouldn't an established world religion with similar core values AND a belief in Jesus (granted, only as a prophet) be desirable over what is, at best, a 'new' religion filled with magic and secrecy even stranger than the other religions in question?

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