Monday, January 17, 2011

thoughts from my daughter

After spending the day with her Pop-Pop (the churchy type), my seven year old daughter asked to be a guest writer for my blog. The following is therefore being dictated to me by Little One:

"In the movie "Fantasia," a ghost touched a rock and it turned into a volcano and then she cried when the forest was destroyed by fire from the eruption. Her tears made all the trees and flowers grow back. It doesn't make sense for people to believe things like that because volcanos explode because of pressure and things grow back after fire because of nutrients in the soil. I think those people who believe that spirits cause bad things like fires and storms are weird. Spirits don't cause good things either. Spirits are just silly. It's all science. Hey, has the precipitation started? There was a 100% chance snow-slash-sleet tonight."

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